Introversion: How not being Socially Modish is Ridiculed as Uncool.

Between being outgoing and loquacious, or introverted and reticent, I’m mostly the latter.  My childhood ripped me open to a world of books than people. I was tad awkward around people especially girls. But my social skills while relating to boys weren’t so bad neither was it that good.

 Lagos: The City Of Chaoticness and Rare Wonder

Lagos: in the mornings, everyone wakes before the sun rises.  Between 4am and 8am is rush hour.  When there are long lines of cars and trucks and buses on the streets and highways.  Often as kids, we would hear about “the Lagos” on radio and TV shows, read about it in magazines and newspapers, andContinue reading ” Lagos: The City Of Chaoticness and Rare Wonder”