Storytelling is an art I started perfecting as a child.

I have always been intrigued by stories.

“Oga John” tells an Effulgent Cinematic Story Dealing with Mental Health. 

Oga John is a short tense film drawn from our present-day encounter narrating the subject matter of “mental health” and colliding two worlds apart. It explores the use of  cinematic storytelling, which is rarely employed in Nollywood movies.

RegyWrites is a space where I explore my narratives and commentaries about anything from food, sexuality, books, pop culture, and  eccentric Africana in an honest, raw  and creative way.

The Music of Billie Eilish.

Nothing excites me more than good music. My shrewd music taste can be traced back to my early exposure and appreciation of music as little as I was immersed in Yanni’s music . It was a very  weird music choice for a little girl in the 2000s.


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